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About us

Fundacja Mleko Mamy (The Mother's Milk Foundation) is a Polish non-governmental organisation established to:

  • Promote breastfeeding as the most natural way of feeding babies;
  • Support mothers and deliver them useful information;
  • Improve awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding and its role in reducing health inequalities;
  • Educate all who are not aware of medical and social benefits of breastfeeding;
  • Create the national health policy favourable for breastfeeding.

  • We are convinced that breastfeeding is a real value for babies, mothers, families and society;
  • We dispel the myths on breastfeeding and show that it can be enjoyable and pleasant rather than difficult and demanding;
  • We agree that exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months and the continuation of breastfeeding for up to at least 1 year is the best choice that can be made by mothers;
  • We want to show that the breastfeeding mother is also modern, self-conscious and professionally active;
  • We would like to encourage fathers/men to be ambassadors of breastfeeding as well;
  • We know that most lactation problems can be solved with professional aid;
  • We are sure the breastfeeding costs less in the family and national budget;
  • We do not condemn mothers that cannot breastfeed for any medical reasons.
  • Education and lactation support to mothers via website;
  • Social and information campaigns on breastfeeding;
  • Organisation of training and conferences for physicians and lactation consultants;
  • Cooperating with all professionals dealing with solving lactation problems;
  • Publishing leaflets, books and materials;
  • Lobbying government for necessary changes in policy and approach with regards to breastfeeding in Poland;
  • Cooperation with international and Polish fellow organisations, the exchange of good practices.
Your support

We are open to the cooperation and the exchange of information with all individuals and institutions/companies willing to support breastfeeding and our values.

You can support our actions by:
  • Spreading valuable information on breastfeeding, sharing the knowledge and information on best practices with us, creating mother-to-mother support;
  • Cooperating with us in projects developing breastfeeding initiatives and policy;
  • Financial donations supporting our activities.


Fundacja Mleko Mamy
ul. Lewinowska 8
03-684 Warszawa

GSM: (+48) 606 444 266 (Mon.-Thru. 17-19h, Fri. 10-16h)

The group Fundacja Mleko Mamy is present on facebook.

VAT Identification Number: 524 26 70 497
Registration number: KRS 0000323232

Bank account:
Bank Ochrony Srodowiska
IBAN - 61 1540 1157 2115 6680 9760 0001